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Diwali rangoli contest results

Dear members,

We’re delighted to announce the Diwali rangoli contest winners.
The winner of the contest is Vanaja Radhakrishnan, and the runner up is Ragharadha. Our hearty congratulations to both! We congratulate all the contestants for taking the time to participate with great enthusiasm!

Vanajar’s rangoli can be seen here:

Chinese New Year - Feb 10

The Chinese New Year is right around the corner! As you all might know, the Chinese New year can occur anytime between mid-January to February. The Chinese calender is lunisolar, and so it is also known as the Lunar new year. This year, the Chinese new year falls on 10 February 2013, and it will be the year of the snake. Chinese people living all over the world celebrate this festival with great pomp and show.


Change, they say, is inevitable and is the only thing that is constant in this world.
Our colorful world here within iKolam is no different. Some things are going to change around here, and only time will tell if it is for the better or not! Smile
We know you'll be busy in the season's celebrations, so when ever time permits next week please take a minute to drop into iKolam.


I wanted to let you all know that I've passed on my site-administration duties to somebody else for the time being. We'll respond to your emails by the end of this week. Smile
There are a few minor site changes that might take place, and we'll keep you updated as and when required. Thanks.