karthigai kolam

Welcome Uma! :) Such a beautiful and colorful kolam in small space! Thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork in this site, and for taking the time to post comments for so many of our members. :)
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I need to find the time to flip the picture.
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Uma, nice design so many have drawn this design in their own style. yours has come out well with nice coloring. Have alook at this http://www.ikolam.com/node/13463?p=1984 rajamma
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thankx lata, rajamma mam,(ya, ive already seen that rangoli and got it in my collection)
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Nice to see a bright and colorful kolam on an island. Pretty work. Expecting more:)
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WOW WOW Uma......so sad it had to be MY comment as d first comment in this page after Latha...so sorry for taking such a delay(ammu is not giving me d system...enjoying her sem hols ...it seems...grrr)....sooooo happy to see ur first submission...this kolam of urs is so fabulous....lovely bright cols used and u know what i am sooo happy u join me in d thick stroke category...hahaha...lovely pa...can't wait to see more from u...
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wow ....very nicely done rangoli....nice colour combination....
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veena manigandan
Neatly done with good colour combination.
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uma beautiful rangoli..very nice coloring..keep itup..waiting to see more and more..hmm ur rangoli playing sliding i think..heheh
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Very colourful and neat for ur first submission. Keep it up.
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Thanx a lot nithya, vinci(would love 2 post more but this rain is irritating...), rani (ya, xpected ur comments frm 8 am ,and was wondering what would hav made rani busier than ikolam he he he ) sowmi, veena, mahima, sjnt, lakshmi( not only my rangoli even iam sliding often in my doorsteps due to this nasty rain he he he )
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Nice kolam with bright colurs and the diyas at the end is glittering.
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Uma, late-a vandaalum latest-a vandirukkeenga! Nice maiden upload!
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SO sorry Uma...for disappointing u...i know how it feels when we don't receive what we expect...even small happy things like u expected my words....sorry again...next time when u upload ur kolam na...leave me a private message here...adichi pidichi oodoodi varren.(i shall come running for giving d comment) hahaha
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Padma Prakash
A beautiful begining Uma. The kolam is very bright and colourful.
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So colourful and beatutiful Umaji.
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Anisha Raghunath
the colours are filled very neatly.....!!!!
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thank u soooo much sudha, jaya mam, rani(next time sun news la flashnews la poda solidraen that iam doing a kolam he he he ), subhashini, padma , kameshwari for ur friendly comments,
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Uma maam this is such a brightly colored beautiful kolam. very very beautiful
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HAhaha uma.....so nice of u ....btw do u know anybody in sun network.....hahaha
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thank u pushpa ,(kindly feel free to cal me uma,), rani(he he he ........)
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Very beautiful kolam with bright colours. Mahalakshmi
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Finally you decided to post your own creation - good for you Uma. I must say you have a lovely taste for colours as you have planned the colours very well here. The entire kolam looks wonderful and hope you will give us more such treats often :)
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wow jude is back, thanks alot maha and ,jude
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Ya Uma temporarily back as I am a bit free for the next couple of days....
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