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About Poovidal:

Kolam designed with flowers, placed the flowers instead of colours.

Rangoli: Poovidal


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Beautiful alternating thick and thin radiating spirals!

I just realized something (spent some time in your beautiful gallery), you had created almost every variety there is in rangoli (rangoli with color powder, stones, mat rangoli, painted ones, on a wooden background, with flowers and the latest one, the jewels rangoli). The only one now missing is: a dotted kolam! wouldn't you like one of those in your gallery? (No hurry, take your own time) Smile

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Suganthy,the flower and its colours are matching nicely.

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The flowers are smiling
and each smile catches eternity
in its grasp and holds it forever!

Wonderful arrangement! Regards! - mOhana

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Suganthy, sugandham veesum poovidal.Looks like Poochakram. i am also tempted to put pookolam, here lots of different color flowers in the garden, but we cannot even touch them. i will try to send potos atleast.

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