Storks Rangoli

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Hello Kids!

Have you ever made a kolam with storks? Here is one if you have not tried any.

  1. Start with the dots as shown (mouse over the storks to see the dots details).
  2. Connect the dots.
  3. Fill the storks with your favorite colors.

Show it to your family members. And upload your creations to ikolam !


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Lata, i cannot open this 'strokes'

Lata's picture

This doesn't animate Indra, we need to mouse over the birds to see the underlying dots arrangement, and the dot count at the right side.

leenakrishna's picture

Innovative! If only you could provide a mechanism to print out the dots ...

Lakshmidevi.B's picture

It was really very easy to understand and connect the dots for a beginner like me.Even kolam which looks tough to make seems easy with such a kind of easy "mouse over" and learn technique.Keep up the good work.

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I'm glad you found it useful Ms.Lakshmidevi. Smile

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wow!!!lovely technique Biggrin

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I like the different technique you have used.