Color clay dough Ganesha

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About Color clay dough Ganesha : PRINT

This is made from the clay I got from my malaysia team member, who gave me the kit after seeing some of my craft work. together we spent our last hour of day to make Ganesha and flowers, apple with the leftover clay Smile ....more to follow

BTW, this is a special clay, requires Nivea cream to knead the dough Smile ...pretty expensive Smile

Rangoli: Color clay dough Ganesha


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So cute! Such cute little features and beady eyes. Smile

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Cute Ganesha. How did u made this? Did you use any mask?


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Wow, so cute, the Ganesh and especially i liked the mouse very much, very realistic keep it up!

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Wow Anirudh what a cute cute Ganesha this is and a cuter mouse... very beautiful...

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Wow!!!! So nice..i like the ganesha and d cute mouse very much:)

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Impressive Work. Ganesha sitting majestic, Pretty flowers. Any animation work to follow? Is Nivea cream used as a base moisturiser for makeup?

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Thank for such a nice display anirudh...d col chosen also (is it fabric paint or some imported cols..) r also so lovely in addition to d cute ganesha and d flower...

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So nice Anirudhji. Little cute Ganesh with flowers and fruit. Thanks for sharing.

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very very cute anirudh.Ganesa and mouse are very beautiful.

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looks neat and well finishd

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Lovely Ganesha & flowers. Very neat & cute display

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Awww what a cute lil Ganesha and cuter lil mousie - Anirudh we really missed you at the meet - would have been lovely to have you - any plans to come down to Chennai please let us know and we can have a mini-get-together Smile

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Hi Anirudh good work,I wish I could have one for my Ganesha collection.Anyway u can use a mixture of icing sugar and gelatine to make a dough to create such designs,like the ones used in cake decoration

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thank you lata, nityaji, pushpaji, .veNiji, vinciji, subashiniji, kameshwariji, .umaji, jayaji....

thanks mahalakshmiji, i have not used any tools to make it, its all by hand rolling. Actually, there was vedio posted on parisara Ganapthi by LakshmiRaghuji & i had tried the same in normal clay, On the same lines, i modified & made this Ganesha sitting on pedastal. Will try to post my own video sometime.
Here is the video link for you to try.

thanks raNiji, i have not used any colors, as the clay comes in different colors, to make lighter shade we need to mix white clay with any other color.

thanks Judy, yes i too missed to meet you all. Hope next time....sure, if i plan any visit, will keep you all informed Smile

thanks Sumathiji, ....will see, if i can get you one next time. ...hmm gelatine& icing sugar...not sure whether i will try with it, but sure will keep in mind.

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hehe vinciji, nivea is not for makeup/ mosituriser...its used as similar to oil/ghee mixed into the dough while making chapatis/rotis, which makes the dough softer for rolling.

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more info about the clay:
It’s called air-dried Clay, specifically for Doll figurines, Toys & crafts ....i need to check out shops in Bangalore Smile

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Absolutely fantastic Smile

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Thanks for the visual treat.God Bless you.