Color clay dough Ganesha

anirudh Tue, 11/02/2010 - 20:17

Impressive Work. Ganesha sitting majestic, Pretty flowers. Any animation work to follow? Is Nivea cream used as a base moisturiser for makeup?
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Thank for such a nice display anirudh...d col chosen also (is it fabric paint or some imported cols..) r also so lovely in addition to d cute ganesha and d flower...
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Awww what a cute lil Ganesha and cuter lil mousie - Anirudh we really missed you at the meet - would have been lovely to have you - any plans to come down to Chennai please let us know and we can have a mini-get-together :)
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Hi Anirudh good work,I wish I could have one for my Ganesha collection.Anyway u can use a mixture of icing sugar and gelatine to make a dough to create such designs,like the ones used in cake decoration
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thank you lata, nityaji, pushpaji, .veNiji, vinciji, subashiniji, kameshwariji, .umaji, jayaji.... thanks mahalakshmiji, i have not used any tools to make it, its all by hand rolling. Actually, there was vedio posted on parisara Ganapthi by LakshmiRaghuji & i had tried the same in normal clay, On the same lines, i modified & made this Ganesha sitting on pedastal. Will try to post my own video sometime. Here is the video link for you to try. thanks raNiji, i have not used any colors, as the clay comes in different colors, to make lighter shade we need to mix white clay with any other color. thanks Judy, yes i too missed to meet you all. Hope next time....sure, if i plan any visit, will keep you all informed :) thanks Sumathiji, ....will see, if i can get you one next time. ...hmm gelatine& icing sugar...not sure whether i will try with it, but sure will keep in mind.
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hehe vinciji, nivea is not for makeup/ mosituriser...its used as similar to oil/ghee mixed into the dough while making chapatis/rotis, which makes the dough softer for rolling.
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more info about the clay: It’s called air-dried Clay, specifically for Doll figurines, Toys & crafts ....i need to check out shops in Bangalore :)
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