Marapaachi doll decor contest

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About Marapaachi doll decor contest : PRINT

I have used copper paint to give the metallic effect and used a lot of kundan stones and Tanjore painting stones for the kavacham and used lots of swarovski crystal stones to give the diamond effect.Waiting for your feed Back.I mainly do marapaachi doll decorations as my hobby. I do get lots of orders from friends and relatives. This one was an order from a lady in USA. It took me One full 2 weeks to finish it. So here is the end product. Hope you all will like it.

marapachi doll decor contest 2010
Rangoli: Marapaachi doll decor contest


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Wow superb........... Its look like real swamy statues. Great work keep it up.

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OMG what is this!!! Stunning work here which shows your passion for this hobby of yours. I would love to see the before and after of these dolls. Anyone would love to own something like this I am sure. I am attracted by the garlands very much. I think they are made of cloth - right na?? Can you upload a closer picture of just the garlands alone for us to get a closer look at them?? The stonework looks amazing and the jewellery is too good for words to express. Excellent work. All the best Smile

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Thank you so much for your feed back. I will send you one more snap of the gralands alone. The garlands is made up of cloth.

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Super..... Cant make out that these are Marapachis!!! Ditto to comments by Judelined - the head gear are superb too..

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Dear mam

These are really super - my god so beautifully decorated. Excellent. No words to explain.

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Wow.....excellent ...superb...cant believe that this is done on a marapaachi doll...the crown and the garlands are too too beautifully words to express such a creativity....

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OMG What a splendid display.. too gorgeous.. All the best..

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Wow! I m speechless! Do't have words to describe the beauty of ur art!!!

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Superb work.. Looks like the diety decked up for the Navarathri Bhramothsavam.. Hats off...

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OMG.....i take all Judy's words Smile ....soooo divine. i can imagine the BrahmmOthsava. hats off to your patience...can you tell how tall are these dolls?

Judy, i think these kind of garlands are also sold in shops with the satin ribbon roses and small oval pieces of cloth is rolled to make petals and then needle passed in middle to make the mala.

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The utsava moorthy is 23 inches in height,including the crown and the other pair of dolls is 16 inches. that is the sreedevi and bhoodevi.

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Very nice decoration. I have no words to say.


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Interesting hobby! The whole decoration loos highly professional. How do you do the kavacham? Do it seperate and attach to the marapachis? We would love to learn this art from you!

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The kavacham is not done separately, its stuck on the doll itself.

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Fentastic work. Excellent.


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Beautiful beyond words,a winning entry!

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Hats off to your lovely work. great.decorations. we can see a professional touch every where.

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no dbt u r the winner i suppose, splendid wk

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WOW!!! This is soooooo beautiful and elegant.Each and every detail looks soo it love it and love it.

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Superb!! very nice!!

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i too need such dolls to b decorated, ur id pls

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Fentastic work.. Hats off...All the best..

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superb!!! Really awesome.... loved it!!!

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Nice work!! You have done a wonderful job!!

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really very very beautiful. looks like we hv come to a temple to see navarathri alankaram. tnku tnku

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Excellent work maam. hats off to you. pls tell us the secreats of this creation too.

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Like it? I cant take my eyes off this page... for sure ur the winner in my eyes... fantabulous!!!

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awesome work!!! All the best

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Good hobby and excellent work. If anyone interested can order. All the best

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their crowns were super

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Thanks a tonne maam.

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Congrats!!!-Indira Sundar

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Congratulations sir....

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Thank u soooooooooo much maam.

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congrats, jaya

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thank u so much.

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Thank you soooo much.

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Infact I had given full marks for this one Smile

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Great to see you win - congrats Smile

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Congrats . we all know this will be the winning entry. So Both "J" won the contest. !

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Congratulations, once again!
Btw, I'm still waiting to get a reply back for my email. Smile
-Lata Kalaimani

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I sent you a reply to your email id.

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I'm afraid I did not receive it. Could you please resend it?

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have you received it maam?

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Congrats on winning the contest.. Are you participating the Chennai Meet?