Marapaachi doll decor contest

jayasimha.rangarajan Mon, 10/18/2010 - 16:19
congrats to you. This was sure the best entry
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My Hearty congrats on winning the contest.
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Congratulations on winning the doll decor contest......
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Congratulation.Beautiful decoration.
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Very Nice. Can you do one for me---I live in USA---but let me know how to contact you.
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Congrats! This decor really deserves a prize. You have done a great job.
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lakshmi gopal
Extremely Fantastic. Please share with us the method of doing this. You will be blessed
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Extremely beautiful,gorgeous and great work.
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wow...wonderful......simply superb. chance-illa....i can't find better words to describe. evlo interest iruntha, ivlo azhaga panna mudiyum
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Congrats on wining the contest, Jayaji. Really very artistically and carefully decorated with full dedication! this looks so divine, professional and beautiful!
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Hello mam congrats...i hav no god awesome no one cud say that these are marapachi dolls..Looks like utsavar Srinivasar with nachiars. Shows ur patience level and creativity too.Excellent..Marvellous.....
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Thank you so much for your valuable feed back. A small correction, if you dnt mind, You can call me jayasimha, I am a guy. Thanks a tonne.
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Dear Jayasimha Rangarajan, It is very beautiful and I cannot beleive that they are Marapachis. I also live here in the U.S. Could you please make one like this and how much it will cost? Once in a year I visit Chennai. How will I contact you? Thanks, Mohana
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Good to know that you are interested. The Cost will come up to 30000 including dolls. Incase you are ok with it we can go ahead with it. I will be using all good quality crystals and stones which will last longer. Thanks and Regards, Jayasimha
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Hi Maam, The cost of making the dolls would be 30000/-, .Incase you are interested plz let me know. Thanks and Regards, Jayasimha
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hai its a nice work.its seems as real god appears.i want a detail description of how to make the god.kindly send me the details if u wish.waiting for u r response
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Hi maam, I just saw ur response, I can do it for u. Just let me know the date when u want it. Thanx
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hai it's marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!there is no words to say. i am interested to make a perumal as a gift for my husband's birthday.please help me in how to make this? give tips to how to make கிரீடம், கை மற்றும் கவசம்
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Hi maam, I am so sorry saw ur response just now. I had gone out of town to Delhi fr my Cousin's wedding. I cant read Tamil could u be specific on what you want? Thanks.
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hello sir thanks for your information i made marappachi god .please see my gallery sir i just uploaded my marappachi doll prepared for my brothers marriage
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Hi I am unable to see your doll decorations . Can you please upload once again? Thanks.
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Please click the link i sent u .here marappachi doll is found and i am waiting for ur valuable comment LINK:
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Karpagam Swaminathan
உங்கள் கை வேலை க்கு எத்தனை கொடுத்தாலும் தகும். உண்மையை சொல்ல வேண்டும் என்றால் என்னால் மரப்பாச்சி என்று நம்ப முடிய வில்லை . விக்ரகம் மாதிரி உள்ளது. உங்கள் பணி தொடர வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
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Excellent i cant express it by words wooooooooooooow
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