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Uploading the pictures of golu kept at our home for th navarathiri 2010.

Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: Golu Contest


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Very neat golu... Eyes of Saraswathy is very beautiful and also the Veenai the whole rqngoli represents Saraswathy... very good
-Indira Sundar

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good and very beautiful golu.

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Neat one! A closer view of the rangoli would be appreciated! I like the Vishnu doll kept at the corner!

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Very neatly displayed golu. I would have loved to have closer look at that pretty rangoli at the bottom. All the best Smile

Vinci's picture

Neat Display.. All the best...

vijaysowmya's picture

very neatly arranged golu....the rangoli drawn is wonderful...

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very neat and well arranged kolu. The kolam in front is also very nice.

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Pretty arrangement

lakshmiraghu's picture

Beautiful.. All the best.

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beutiful decoration very neat work

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Lots of space used for Kolu. Very neat presentation indeed.

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

very nice.

ushavenkatesh's picture

very nice .

jaanu's picture

nice kolam with golu