Dotted kolam

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About Dotted kolam : PRINT

Hai to all...this dotted kolam...25-1 dots was done by me...ur views pl....3

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted kolam


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Such an elaborate piece! Looks even prettier with red squares. Smile

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YEEEEHHH...I am on cloud nine...this was my first try for a 25 dotted kolam latha....thanks a lot....

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Wow!!!!!Ur first try in bigger sikku kolam looks very very nice,rani

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wow.....a huge kolam done beautifully and neatly...

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Excellent Rani - you passed with flying colours. Very very neatly done and symmetry is also perfect. One thing I guess here is you have not done it in a hurry or casually - you have really taken it seriously and spent enough time to make this so perfect - correctaa?? S U P E R Smile

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WoW Rani, What is this? Very Neat and Pleasant.. Couldn't find any overlapping lines, no smudges.. Really excited to see your perfect kolam...
Judy another point, I feel she has practised a lot before showcasing on floor.

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Thank u veni, sowmya, judy and vinci...but one thing judy and vinci...i found this kolam so easy after my 2nd try on my notebook itself...will u believe its a secret between me and my daughter and ofcourse veni...(to some extent.)..if u see papers in my house ....most will have just one kolam done again and again and again...he he....

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Wow - Such as big kolam Rani Mam. Very nice.


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U HAVE DONE IT RANI. Clean and clear.

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Glad that you have become an expert by rehearsing for just two times on paper.. Expecting more..

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Thank u maha, jayanthy mam(so happy at ur words) and thanks again vinci....

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Nice sikku kolam, the colouring of the outer layer enhanced the beauty of the kolam.

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Clean, neat and a beautiful huge sikku kolam. First try of 25-1 has come out very well. The strokes are very neat.

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Rani you are not the only one who practises on paper first then puts it on the floor. I do the same too. Infact I make a very small version on paper and keep it alongwith me when I am putting the kolam to check for doubts. This I do for a few complicated ones - so no need to worry about it Smile