Mohanaji's Sona square kolam

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I have tried this copycat kolam with colorpodi on the wooden plank. By putting chamkies in between I have given a different dot count to draw the kolam this way. It takes time to give the weaving effect. Anyhow I enjoy doing such designs.

Rangoli: Mohanaji's Sona square kolam


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wow....this is too good rajammaji....highlighting with extra whitle border is another addition ....thanks for giving great ideas

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chennai meetil "Dhayakattam" unda?kolam and idea are super.

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lovely rajamma mam...chozhi, chamkis...used in a kolam....thanks for these beautiful ideas....and not to forget....this sona design is sooooooooo attractive....

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the broad green and thin brwn rokz

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i think its todays best one in ikolam

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Nice idea ,rajamma mam.superb.

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Rajamma maam this is awesome design... ur inspiring me and I am scared to be inspired actually... cos no one can do the wonderful job u do... saluting u

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ur green beauty looks grand......very nice idea.......

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karuppu, pachchai wollenil potta madhiri miga azhagaga irukkiradhu unga kolam! Subhashini, traditional games ellam vilaiyaada pogireergala chennai meetil?

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I'm always amazed by your innovative thoughts.. Great Work..

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Wow!!! Super super super ........infinite times super. Good colour combination & neat work

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beautiful kolam.

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Great effort and well done! The dark lines at the northern and western ends at the centre do not alternate.

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajamma mam. Kalkittenga.
Really beautiful.

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woww, such a beautiful kolam with chamkies, so what next ?

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Wow! Super good innovative kolam.

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Thanks you all appreciating this copycat work.
mOhanaji, yes after putting only I realized that in the left top portoin the dark brown lines should have been woven on the opposite way. Thank for the commenting and correcting.

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very nice kolam rajamma mam....colour combination is very good...

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porumai thilagam thaan. gud colour combo.

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ராஜம். பின்னிட்டே போ!
Subashini's suggestion to be considered! பல்லாங்குழி, சோழி, தாயகட்டம், பரமபதம் ......

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Do you ever take a break from making kolams Rajam?? I love your determination so much - you inspire me in that way - thanks for being my friend Smile

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Simply superb mam!