Simple Sikku

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Hi friends,
this very simple sikku kolam was drawn on an ordinary my home

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Simple Sikku


ammuchandhini's picture

centre simple kolam but ur outer extended border is so nice malar.....and ur casual strokes r too good malar...

Vinci's picture

A different look to a simple kolam.. I liked it and need to mention about your neat strokes..

dibbutn's picture

Though it is a simple kolam as u say, it is complimenting the gray floor and gives a very beautiful look

jasree's picture

Malar!! Your kolam & the border both are very cute. Neatly executed.

jayamohan's picture

Is this purposely drawn asymmetrical?

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

the chiku kolam looks very beautiful with a unique design

P.Veni's picture

Very nice,malar.

Padma Prakash's picture

Hi, the kolam is very nice and new design. But why the asymmetry ? one side portion is wrongly placed. Is that like that or not recognised by you ?

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I think the left side portipn need to be rotated by 180 degree.

brindhanagesh's picture

Very nice and unique design. The top portion should be rotated 180 degrees to give the correct view.

nithyaashok's picture

Very nice, mother, daughter and grand daughter are sitting in line and enjoying their spare time!!!

ushavenkatesh's picture

neat and cute mam..

rajamma_2's picture

with out symmetry also this kolam is cute because of the neat drawing. ( Malar, with a cute baby on hand its natural to overlook symmetry in kolam drawing)

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or even the bottom could have been flipped round and you would have had a totally new design Smile

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malar, kolam podum pothu kuzhampidiyaaaa?
but nice,.. -Indira Sundar