mOhanaji's hexagonal kolam no. 10 on the floor.

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About mOhanaji's hexagonal kolam no. 10 on the floor. : PRINT

In all mOhanaji's hexagonal kolams, after giving the details, he used to end it with "Enjoy".
All of you enjoy seeing and commenting on it. I enjoy them by trying on the floor with color podi.You all also can enjoy joining me.It is fun and challenging too!.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: mOhanaji's hexagonal kolam no. 10 on the floor.


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Pretty in pink and blue.

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When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was Mohanaji's work, but to my suprise its your kaivannam..
Hats off to you RajamAmma for you passion and patience..

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Very nice with attractive colours...

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Very pretty Rajam Mam. Even I though it is Mohanaji's creation.

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superb attempt! How perfect it is! I really admire those small triangles, where the pink line intersects the two blue lines, all are of the same size. Hats off to your talent and interest!

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Rajamma maam excellent work... as others I too thought it was JMK sir's work and wow ur too good... I admire your passion for the art... Every time I see JMK sir's works, my hands itch to try it but my mind tells me "are you crazy" he he .. I dont feel like jeopardising his work... I guess ur one of the right persons to do justice to his works

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Great Rajamma mam.
perfect copy.
I love the colours. yes i like bright colours always.
You have done a great job and expecting more like this.

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Very grand re-creation! I am humbled.

Regards! - mOhana

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I too join other members in enjoying these superb and challenging presentations rather than trying one on floor!

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Thumbnail paarthavudan, mohana sir kolam nenachen. Very beautiful chithi.

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I think this one is a 'kaaviya kolam' Rajam - you are too good and put many of us to shame for being lazy and not putting kolams on the floor. Your neat and definite work is commendable indeed Smile

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superb rajamma mam...this has come out so well...perfect col combination...

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well done kolam rajam.