Oil painting

awesome...this looks very pleasant for the eyes...
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I think you are a professional artist. What a beautiful gift you have presented your to your life partner. Iam yet to complete my admiration to the minute pretty details of this painting. I'll continue the comment later. rajamma
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fantastic work.You showed your love in natural way.very good idea and nice presentation to your husband.
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Awesome work and a beautiful gift too. I am sure you made him proud - congrats :)
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Superb. You are a very good painter. Liked it very much.
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Striking Image.. Awesome.. Are you a Fine Arts student?
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Wow such a wonderful painting and you have done it so well giving importance to even the smallest of things like the leaves and all by shading it so well... Masterpiece work!!!
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So beautiful and taken care of all details so well even the leaves color shades....Wow ! No wonder you have taken 2 months and your fiance has liked it... Wish you all the best.
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nice painting.use of many colours make the picture more realistic.
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Ciao johnnaren Marvelous painting .Very colourful, very bright .What best gift anybody can offer to her fiancée than this
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