Aadi Velli Kolam

nice pushpa...trying different designs and shadings now a days....ur border design eye catchy as usual....
Fri, 08/13/2010 - 23:03 Permalink

Pushpa, cute chikku kolam with a nice color combination. Minimum color used with maximum beauty.I too just sent one in this combination. rajamma
Sat, 08/14/2010 - 00:35 Permalink
Pushpaa, I feel this kolam wud have been nicer without the shading inside.
Sat, 08/14/2010 - 03:22 Permalink
Very nice colors and good kolam with as ususual pretty borders Pushpa maam. (abba evalo periya sentence :)
Sat, 08/14/2010 - 19:22 Permalink
Though this is a nice kolam the symmetry is missing as the top looks flat and the bottom elongated. What happened Pushpa??
Wed, 08/18/2010 - 00:42 Permalink
Lovely colorful chikku kolam..As usual borders are beautifully made.. I could see green color inside the brown checks. Is it so?
Fri, 08/20/2010 - 05:31 Permalink