Pongal kolam

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This was done by my neighbor on the occasion of pongal.. and it is an art , not like dots kolam. Thought of sharing with you, and add to my gallery

Rangoli: Pongal kolam


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Jaanu really very wonderful pongal kolam , lovely colours and good shading too. I think your friend is yet to complete her kolam is it not ?

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Beautifully drawn.. looks bright n nice..
Thanks for sharing

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very lovely attractive rangoli...

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Bright beauty this one is - the bordering looks so lovely - neat work Smile

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wow wonderful rangoli

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Wow, wonderful pongal kolam. The colours are very bright and good combination. In the outer layer the two coloured shading is good and the exterior design also. Thank you.

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Nice color display and overflowing pongal.. Liked the outer border..
Was it a chilling morning? sweater says so?

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Wow, wonderful pongal rangoli.Beautifully drawn, looks bright...........the border looks so lovely

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Too many pongal kOlams in August, may be the effect of climate change, must inform Al Gore Smile Very very beautiful. I can see the artist drawing the white lines at the edge.

Regards! - mOhana

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Jaanu maam this kolam looks splendid with the lovely lotus and coloring.. u cud hv given us the finished version na?

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very bright colour and lovely kolam.

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beautiful kolam with bright colors.

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Beautiful work! Smile

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Well drawn pogal kolam. The lotuses are so beautiful and i like the colouring in the border very much:)

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wow thanks for sending us pongal on this auspicious day.

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மங்கலமான மஞ்சள் , கண்ணை உறுத்தாத தாமரைகலர் , வித்தியாசமான பார்டர்.

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Bright pongal rangoli. The lotus coloring is vry nice . Even the side flower is admiring the lotus. Border coloring is novel.