Poo kolam

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About Poo kolam:

Flower decoration done on a plate on account of Mother's Birthday.Remained fresh for 3 days as the weather was fine in Chennai.But the heat has become intense a couple of days back.

Rangoli: Poo kolam


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Beautiful flower decoration.

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Nice arrangement maa'm.

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Here is the comment that my fingers type: This is so beautiful and fragrant Sumathi. Wonderful arrangement. Smile

And now, here is the comment that my fingers hesitated to type to begin with:

Oh no! there it is - the marikozhundhu. I'm going to be smelling the fragrance in my head the whole day and night. Do you have to be so cruel Sumathi? Don't you know that there are humans like me in other parts of the world who don't get this pleasure AT ALL! Sad

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Wow aunty, it looks grand. There are almost 9 different flowers, itz very grand.

Sampangi, Roses and finally u have topped it up with marikozhundu, itz a treat!

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Marukkozhundhu, Rajanigandha and rose.... the smell is reaching us also. Nice arrangement Sumathi.

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Sumathi it looks very beautiful..roses and white lilies looks grand...

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Mother's special is spreading the fragrance thro'out!

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Lata, wish I could air freight this plate for u

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Thank you friends for the good comments

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A combination of so many sweet smelling flowers and to top it with marikozhundu is the highlight - Sumathi I am sure Mother would have been pleased Smile

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Looks Great Maam. Could smell the fragrance...

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Sumathi maam so sweet of you to think of doing this kolam on Mother's day... I am sure your Mother is blessed

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Good selection of flowers sumathi and also the design also looks grand.

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beautiful arrangement mam, i am a new member in this ikolam. i have uploaded some rangolis here how could i check it whether uploaded or not please guide me mam.