puzzle rangoli

nice colour combination and new design as well rajamma mam...thanks for sharing....
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Rajamma maam this looks so complicated to me but u hv done such a neat job on it... I can see cute swans and does the blue S signify Sahana?? :)
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Wow this is truly such a pretty kolam Rajam :) The colour combination is excellent - pink and blue always compliment each other like kolams and Rajam :)
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Very colourful and neat kolam. I am sure it is time taking because this is of interlaced dots and it needs perfection in keeping the dots. It is really nice that you are having such old collections. (I have only twenty years collection).
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It looks complicated. Will try after sometime. Thank you very much for sharing such different and complicated kolams. It is very interesting to learn these kolams.
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It is really nice.Thank you very much for sharing.
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wow!!blue and pink beauty!!!excellent
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very nice kolam very nice colors. lovely.
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lovely kolam Rajamma maam, nice concept kolam all the swans go round and round playing here we go around a mulberry bush !!!!!!
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Pallich Pallich Colors. Nice design and enjoyed your color fest.
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Padma Prakash
Wow, full of pink ducks with white eye(s?). rajamma mam puzzle seems to be complex. let us try for "Pass" or"Faaaa iii LLLLL".
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I think these puzzles with kolams were published in 'Mangayr malar' some 20 yrs back! Like Puyshpa I also see' S and Swans' around.
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Good rangOli with bright (too bright for me :-) colours. If you modify this slightly here and there, it will become a nice mother and child rangOli, yes, true. Regards! - mOhana
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Lovely rangoli with adequate capacity to be a brainteaser as well :)!
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Rajamma Mam. Yes I too remember. i too triedout like buzzle(of course in note book only). This colour is very bright and nice. viji
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