Embroidary in saree pallu

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This is a simple embroidary done on a saree pallu. I used the outline stitch.
The speciality of this design is it does starts in one point and finishes the otherend without break.

Rangoli: Embroidary in saree pallu


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viji maam, really suppperb design on the saree.

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VEry pretty design on the pallu.

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lovely design viji mam ....

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Viji, ஒரே மூச்சிலே இந்த ஒன் லைன் டிசைன் தைச்சு முடிச்சீங்களா ?ரொம்ப அழகு , புடவை கலரும் டிசைனும் !

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அழகு அள்ளுது , மனதை கொள்ளை கொள்ளுது.விஜி, பொழுதை எப்படி உபயோக படுத்துவது என்ற வித்தை தெரிந்த விததைக்காரர் நீங்கள்.

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Viji maam it looks very pretty from far, would hv loved to see it much closer

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very nice embroidery,,,

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Simple embroidary looks very attraction to the saree.May I know where do you stay?.

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very nice one

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nice one.

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Wow Viji you seem to be doing a lot of craft work on your holiday Smile

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very nice .... superb design ...