flower rangoli

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This was drawn and colored by My Sishyai Anita. I am happy that now she is good at color symmetry.

Rangoli: flower rangoli


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Pretty flowers indeed. I'm yet to create a folder in the gallery for your shishya. Smile

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lovely work rajammaji convey my appreciations to anita...

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I must Congratulate the tutor first,then my wishes to the student

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very nice rajamma mam

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கம்பன் வீட்டுக் கட்டுத் தறியும் கவி பாடும் என்று சும்மாவா சொன்னார்கள் பெரியவர்கள் !

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Rajamma maami this looks very pretty ... obviously when she has a tutor like u she will definitely excel in it

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coool rajammaji, your shishyai is doing great work, please convey our wishes

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Rajamma maam, lovely colours, lovely kolam , lovely flowers,lovely diamonds, lovley teacher and lovely shishya. Great team work very very nice.

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The guru taught the Sishya good lessons and no wonder the effect is obvious Smile Nice work!

Regards! - mOhana

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very beautiful flower kolam Anita....-Indira

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Like guru - like sishyaa - beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - that's all I can say Smile