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A free hand rangoli with mango design.

Rangoli: Rangoli


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THE NEW RHYME: ............

Pussy CAT Pussy CAT Where had you been?
I had been to MY LAND to see the QUEENSSSSSSSSSSSS.......
Pusy CAT Pussy CAT What did you do there?
I MARVELLED at the Little hands drawing MARGAZI KOLLAMS.

Thanks for memorising the lines.

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Kitty this rhyme is for you.!!!!!!!..
Nalini madam thank u so much.we wait for kittys comments....

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For me? All this for Kitty? I...uhmm...I mean Kitty is touched! Kitty's first christmas present! Kitty's owner is going to frame this lovely poem for kitty : )

Nalini, I'll make sure Kitty writes her thank you notes!

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Lakshmi will you use stencils for the centre designs?

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Viji mam ihave not used stencils for the design,it is free hand only