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hi mam tis is a rangoli based on theme in open rangoli competition...the theme was "management 2020" my creation was fully based on women entrepreneurs who rule the world on 2020


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Hi Uma, ya very one liked

Hi Uma, ya very one liked it, even chairman, akkihal sir, and krishnamurthy liked it,.

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so nice........

so nice........

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Very nice concept

Very nice concept Maheshji...good colors used.

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very nice viji

very nice

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Nice concept and well

Nice concept and well delivered Uma Mahesh.......

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Maheshji,Great thought...nice display. Thanks for sharing it with us..keep it up.

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Superb, Maheshji... Great

Superb, Maheshji... Great Thought & Beautiful Display.... Thank You for sharing it with us...

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Chathurbuja Shakthi? As Lata

Chathurbuja Shakthi?
As Lata says let's keep increasing the pair of hands!

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Mr.UmaMahesh, your thematic

Mr.UmaMahesh, your thematic rangoli on women's empowerment is beautiful.
Thank you for sharing this here.
(I can imagine another pair of hands in addition to what you have in the rangoli). Smile

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tks for u r comments mam ya

tks for u r comments mam ya u r correct latha mam...u kne i was talking during time went i cut 2 hands..actually 3 pairs lik a god....