Freehand Kolam

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Wow it feels great to be back at posting kolams.... here is my first freehand kolam after a long hiatus. Though the kolam lacks symmetry, I felt like sharing with you

Rangoli: Freehand Kolam


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Hmmmmm So cute and beautiful. I like the S shaped design outside the star and the dots of white and red catch our eyes. I will add to my collections.

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very nice one

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Padma maam the credit does not go to me... I forgot to mention that this design is actually a part of someone's kolam from Ikolam which I copied long back.. I dont remeber who though.. all I remember is it was a freehand kolam and a big kolam and this was part of the central design

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Cute kutty kolam.

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nice kolam yar

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Very cute asusual.

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Pushpa, though the design is very common it is ur greatness to give credit to the kolam which inspired you.! In the comment colomn U can se one of my kolam today. Is the one u mentioned?

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pushpa maam, really well done very nice design and the borders too look elegant.

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wow!!!soooo bright/neat ...very nice keep it up.

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Nice to see some freehand stuff from you for a change Pushpa - pretty kolam Smile