Diwali Rangoli (contest entry_92)

Thanx a lot for ur comments..actually diz is d very 1st time im actually participating in a kolam competition...ur words do encourage me..thanx again!
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good colors used, very neatly done, nice work
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very nice, Have u used rangoli or salt, nice crytal effect with shine, so curious. :)
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This is so pretty, perfect symmetry!
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Simple design, neatly done using minimum colors. Very good attempt!
Mon, 11/10/2008 - 05:04 Permalink
Hello!...ive used plain rice mixed with rangoli colours 4 diz kolam..;-)
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Very nice.. I like the texture and colors. Can you please elaborate on the method you have used. You say you have used rice.. is that rice powder or broken rice. so did you mix the rangoli color powder with rice flour. It will be nice if you can please explain. Thanks :)
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really beautiful lol beginer ....??? lol looks like years of experience...
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Hello...ive actually used broken rice mixed with rangoli color powder...and, by the way, ive said dat diz is d 1st time im into a competition...i do hav sum experiece puttin kolam b4 diz...;-)
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good method of using broken rice & colored poweder - the colors look very deep
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its really marvellous peice of work
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