Arthi Plate

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About Arthi Plate : PRINT

Another work of mine done with lace ,golden flowers and other accessories used in stitching

faux flowers
Rangoli: Arthi Plate


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Nice arrangement, quite symmetrical too. Must have been a mahArANi in an earlier birth Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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sumathi...grand decoration/arrangement!!!ru planning to open any jewelry shop in ur area??..all the best..Yes mOhanaji may be she should have!!!

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Sumathi, this kolam /art work is super. It resembles mOhanaji's padikolams.

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Beautifully arranged and a grand design the small flowers looks very elegant

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Yes, looks like a photoshop padikolam of mOhanaji!

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Sumathi ma'am very beautifully done work... it does resemble a padikolam... what is it done on?

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Thanx for the encouraging comments. Mohanaji wish I could be one in this birth.Then everyday Lakshmi would have been my Official Kolam designer and u cld have been my Expert advisor

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diddutn,these r arthi plates used in marriages

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Good usage of the accessories Sumathi. You have an excellent creative mind!

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Thanx Brindha

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Oh lovely Sumathi - this is so neat - very very creative - can be used as a wall hanging too Smile

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very good idea, i would like to add more also, we usually put red coloured water also for aarathi, so we can even fix a small plate if needed.

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VEry nicely done. Looks so rich.