Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010

prabharangan Tue, 01/26/2010 - 07:47

First look - attractive, Creativity - traditional, Details - The leaves could have been coloured green, the lamps are disproportionate, pot colours are good. Symmetry - good, Overall - good. Regards! - mOhana
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Prabha ma'am you are absolutely right only the creator knows the joy of creation... beautifully done kalasam
Fri, 01/29/2010 - 05:31 Permalink

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Your Kalash-rangoli is beautiful! Your effort on the shades of green and tan add the necessary depth to it to make it look so realistic. We don't have that many rangolis with the Kalash as the main design, and so this is extra special! Thank you for participating and good luck. :)
Fri, 01/29/2010 - 20:35 Permalink

Nicely presented rangoli - the blue is really very pretty (makes the rangoli stand apart from the flooring) and the kalasam is nicely decorated - the only thing I find out of proportion is the size of the coconut, which should have been bigger than the size of the leaves - all the best :)
Fri, 01/29/2010 - 23:01 Permalink