Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010

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About Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010 : PRINT

hi friends
Am VASANTHI SURESH,this is my first participation and am happy to join in this contest.. thanks

Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010
Rangoli: Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Vasanthi!

Your first entry is so gorgeous to look at! Eye-catching blue arcs inside the pink outline. I like how the heart shapes point to a blue star at the center. The white feather like structures at the outer circle make this rangoli "happy" and "playful".

Wish you all the best! Smile

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Hi Ms.Vasant superb colour combinations

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neat work and neat presentation

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Wow! really superb!

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really superb Smile

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wow!!realy superb!!good idea..very nice border..Wish you all the best!

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very good color combinations. Fantastic debut in the contest, hope continue your inputs.

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wonderfyl design with good border. very grand opening into ikolam, welcome to ikolam wishes.

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Done with utmost precision, excellent choice of colors,nice detailing with finesse
all the best!

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looks really really the could udo it so neat.the outer border is amazing

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colorful kolam.outer border is very nice

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Vasanthi ma'am beautifully drawn... beautifully colored, beautifully merged the coloring and beautiful border as well... overall a beauty...

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Very beautifulu. Outer border is very eye-catching

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very nice. i like it

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wonderful work, very bright colors .

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First look - Grand,
Creativity - traditional,
Details - Nicely coloured, good white border, could have drawn the circular lines inside a bit better,
Symmetry - good, the placement of Ms could have been better, as it is it does not enhance the symmetry,
Overall - Fantastic.

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow. that's fantastic. the inner design is unique and looks very good.

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Wonderful rangoli specially the borders stands out.

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very nicely drawn, the border gives a rich look. all the best

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Your border design is really very neat and pretty - the double strokes are lovely. Kolam brightly colours and one quick look gives a nice impression but when one looks at the details there seems to be too many casual strokes in the centre design robbing the beauty thereafter - on the whole a nice attempt - all the best Smile

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Loved your Brighter shades and the border design. All the best

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Very nice. I like it.

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Vasanthiji, very nice rangoli with a cute white border. Though individually all the inner designs are very attractive, the merging of all is not continuous, I feel. Just think about it and if you could pay attention to connect the design from the centre to the outer with a common thread, your work will become excentric!All the best.

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Brightly coloured beautiful rangoli with neat border. I like the double lined border very much.

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hello friends.. thanks a lot for your wishes and support.
sorry for the late reply as i was out of station 4r the past few weeks.


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very nice. i like it