Simple Diwali kolams of 2016

Contest entry Diwali rangoli contest - 2016: Simple Diwali kolams of 2016 by Sri_Maatha


Sri_Maatha's picture

Looking awesome even without colors.

sharmilraj's picture

Beautiful in traditional white flour

revathiilango's picture

Wow... so beautiful white rangolis Smile :love: :star:
All the best Smile

Sonu_Appi's picture

Nice black and white rangolis.Looking like stars in the middle of all colorful rangolis.All the Best.

Sonu_Appi's picture

Very nice black and white rangolis looking like stars between all colorful rangolis.All the best.

ananthiraju's picture

attractive white beauties,best of luck

chandy's picture

All beautiful with only white! Smile :love: