simple chikku kolam

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About simple chikku kolam : PRINT

Rangoli beginner: simple chikku kolam by abhijith

Chikku Kolam
Rangoli: simple chikku kolam


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Nice one with grand outer
design :love:

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Thanks a lot................. Smile Smile Smile

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nice chikku kolam with your lovely trade mark stroke.

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Thanks maa for your valuable comments....... Smile Smile Smile

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It will be very easier to follow Your simple chikku kolam for the beginners. The way of your presentation will impress all to love chikku. Smile Smile

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Thanks a lot as i was really hesitating to post this simple one as many are expert in doing chikku ..but the way u posted your comment really it's so nice of u and thanks a lot again. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile :bigsmile: