Advanced Chikku Kolams

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Lata I re-arranged the combination of my kolams and here is the first lot of advanced chikku kolams...

Rangoli: Advanced Chikku Kolams


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Super collections Judyji...i like the first one the most, though its complex, the pointed curves have given a new dimension. thanks a lot for sharing.

i can visualize Lataji ready for animations Smile ....egarly waiting for them.

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Nice collection Judy, looks very neat! Smile

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mannildhan neengal kolam poduhireergal aanaal avaigal yengal manaththil allava azhuththamana kodugalai poduginrana!

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Awesome Chikku Kolam-Combo, Judy Ma'am..... I love the 3rd one.... looks like beehive on a tree branch..... Smile

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Judy nice collection,all kolams come out well.

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Anirudh thanks, actually kolam 1 is my favourite too Smile

Thank you Lata and Lakshmi Smile

Subashini I am touched by your words - thanks a ton Smile

Purni you have given a new dimension to kolam 3 - I too can see the beehive now Smile

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Four kolams are looking pretty Judy ma'am.
I like chikku kolams very much.. but they are very difficult to me..


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Nice collection Judy ma'am... I liked all the kolams but the "beehive one" is good

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Looks like I missed to notice the valentines in the first one yesterday?

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Judy Pulli vechu 'Podi podichchu" (ask some Malayaali for the meaning of this )

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Judy, nice to see your floor kolams after a break! Do you feel better now?

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Thank you Indira & Pushpa.

Yes Lata there are hearts in the first kolam Smile

Rajamma please can you translate that for me??

Jaya this from my old collection - thanks for enquiring, I am quite ok now but following kids strict instructions still Smile

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Judy "podi podichchu" is equalant to " தூள்" அல்லது " சக்கை போடு போடறது "

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Thank you, even I was hoping you would give us the meaning. Smile

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amazing collection

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Thanks for the translation Rajamma and thanks Indhu for your comments Smile

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simply beautiful