Marapaachi dolls for Golu

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Marapaachi dolls for Golu section.

Rangoli: Marapaachi dolls for Golu


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Very welldone! Most care has been taken for dresses and other decorations! Jadai adds beauty!
கல்யாணம் முடிஞ்சு receptionkku ரெடி நிக்கறாங்களா?

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Thanks a lot!!

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The raja alankaaram is great. for the girl also you could have done rani alankaaram. As such the girl looks nice with a beautiful Jadai, glittering jewelry and colorful saree well tied. Good work

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Have no words to express!!

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Very good work! May be more men will follow the groom in wearing lipstick Smile Like his head gear, like a mahArAjA's!
Congratulations and good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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very good imagination &neat work

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very good imagination &neat work

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good imagination........Very good work..

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Beautifully decorated bride and groom

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super decoration !!!!!!! jadai alankaram is really nice.mappillai supera irrukka ,pennum rombha azghairruka!!!!!!! kalyana viruindhu kku varalama ???

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Neat work done by Ramyaji, especially the Jada

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Ramya wonderful and well planned decoration - your marapaachi dolls look lovely Smile