freehand design

haiyo,very beautiful kolam made on slate.soooooooooo pretty.
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Oh my! you're so good at this, very beautiful! :D
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what a wonderful freehand drawing shishyaji....very very beautiful....
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gomathi ,,, room pottu yosipeengala,, :) , innum evlo techniques than vachrukeenga, :D ,,, lovely design dear :love:
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Wonderful and what a perfect creation with lot of neatness and clarity. Amazing work gomathy!!!
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very nice design. nice idea of using slaaTu & baLapa :) ....which is almost forgotten these days :(
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Thank u so much Sowmi mam n Anirudhji for ur wonderful words... :)
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Suguna Murugesan
wow simply awesome gomathi :)....your recent new base (slate) kolams are excellent.... :star:
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Gomathi, slate ,balappam eduththukittu endha school poneega?Romba azgagu drawing. Eppadi andha light grey colour effect kuduththeenga? ;)
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Thank u so much rajam amma... My younger son is studying is L.K.G. and I am using his slate and pencil mam... ;) The light grey is the base of the slate and I changed the outer portion color to dark black using Photoshop mam... :D :D :D :bigsmile:
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Very very very beautiful creation. Hats off to you. You have a little kid at home and yet you spare time for doing such nice kolams. Appreciate your passion for this art.
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Lovely slate kolam! So, what are the base left at home to use it for your next kolam! Fabulous kolam Gomathi!
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Thank u so much nithya mam n vani mam... :)
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