Chikku kolam

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About Chikku kolam : PRINT

A simple chikku kolam, made with powder, and colored with blue scenic sand. The kolam is rotated for a better perspective.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Chikku kolam


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wow simple and cute lata :love: expecting more from you Smile

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sweet and cute creation...looks very nice.

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lovely creation,,, nice to see ur submissions


Wow cute n sweet chikku kolam with wood background n blue color... Smile Lovely one... :star: :star: :star:

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cute and pretty kolam lata.happy to see your kolam after a long time. Smile

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Very neat and beautiful Lata. Loved that blue colour very much. Smile

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cute little chikku kolam I envy that "BLUE" Wink

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simple & neat, oh love that blue sand, looks soo nice. Do you get it ready made or you get the scenic sand and mix colors?

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It comes packaged in bottles. And it doesn't mix with our rangoli powder since the texture is coarser.

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Aahaa...such a cutely made kolam lata...going crazy on ur wooden floor...tempted to draw one kolam on my newly painted kitchen Door when nobody is around... Wink :bigsmile:

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Oh God, our minds match so much, Rani! Smile I've been eyeing one of our doors these days. Just don't know when I'm going to mess it up. :bigsmile:
Let me know when you plan to do yours on your door, so I'll try to the same and upload on same day, perhaps? I don't like the color of my door, so I plan to "play" with it before I go for the proper color/finish. Smile

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Ada narayana....ippadi ellam kooda thonuma enna...hehe...hmmm how about after 3rd when our peacock fashion show event will be announced as a great success Blum 3 Wink Biggrin

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Yes, I feel better that I'm not the only one to think like that. Do you what happened last week? You know JKM Sir's kolam I tried quickly on the wall, with colored chalks? Well, turns out one of the colors (purple chalk) was a deeply stained one, and so I'll have to paint over that area to get rid of the purple stain it left behind. The portion happens to be on my husband's side of the room, and so he gets to enjoy the stained view. But he hasn't started complaining yet. And because he hasn't complained about that, I would assume he is ok if I paint over the doors, one at a time, until he asks me to stop! Biggrin |(

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Hehe...funny lata....i am waiting for an early morning shift for my hubby so that after finishing my kolam i can wipe it clean when he returns... Blum 3