Margazhi day-4

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Hai to all...hope you like this differently dotted kolam tried by me today...eagerly waiting for ur views Smile

Rangoli: Margazhi day-4


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Thanks lata for this choice of instant upload...good-o-good night for me :bigsmile:

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Wow what a beautiful palich kolam success ful aa rani ku publish aayidichi :party: :party:

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Ganeshji ki jai! Beautifully made! The brown background makes the kolam even more brighter. This dotted kolam happens to our first instantly published kolam. Smile

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Thanks a ton Boss...that brown bg is d kavi stain which is still hanging on to my floor for a week :bigsmile:

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yuppie....instant upload working.......thanks so much Lata.....Rani is dancing in the house..just now she called...heheheh

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How much longer do I've to wait for lakshmiraghu's lace? Biggrin

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my laptop is with Raghu..hehe all kolams in that..iam working with pavan's waiting for my kolams...(hubby)... :bigsmile: Biggrin

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Ok, we will check back later for the surprise. Smile

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my kolams will be back only tomorrow morning...(raghu working on the ship should arrive in the morning) Biggrin :bigsmile:

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if you want to see view my lace urgently shall ask Raghu to take a ship and deliver it at long beach ......?? :bigsmile: Blum 3

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Oh no, I wouldn't want your hubby taking a detour on my account. He may not have much time. Smile
On the other hand, how about just hacking into your account and publishing one? All he needs is your password and approval. :bigsmile:
That should take less than 5 minutes. Smile

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My hubby reaching Long beach would be shorter than hacking my account... Biggrin :bigsmile:

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Wow...our queen has given the first visual treat in instant uploads :party: :beer: ...what a palich kolam this is beautifully and very neatly made. The effect in the dark is too good. Smile

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padikattu kolam super rani.

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Thanks sugu, sowmi, kala, and sowmi for enjoying this spl kolam :love: ...yes this is very close to my heart coz it was like a kolam is in my gallery...hehe...laksh...u still haven't named or commented Wink Blum 3 thanks only after that... Wink Biggrin

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Very neatly done and looks so beautiful. The outer yellow border is attractive. A salute for your hard work and sincerity ranima.

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wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww ranis 1st instant,,, chumma adhirudhulla,,,,, Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin ,, deiveegha kolam,,,

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neat and sweet ...looks crispy and fresh...

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One more palich kolam. Yelloow line add the charm Smile

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Fresh looking kolam. Bright yellow kolam. Raani's ranga rang kolam.

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Thank u vidhs, uma,laksh, rajamma mam(haiyya...u r back ...missed u ),and padma for ur lovely comments Smile

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Beautiful sikkukolam.Till today I am practicing small sikku kolams.I can not dream of doing big sikku kolams.

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very beautiful kolam rani lovely bright yellow outline and highlight in the centre.