Karthigai evening kolam

both are very beautiful rani.Though I like the first one very much for its color.
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Both are really beautiful.... Titbits ah, chinnadha oru suzhi pottalum share pannidunga...neenga edhu pottalum azhagu..... ;) :love: :love: :love:
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Hahaha...anusha is back and here my face is like eeeeeeee :D ..thanks dear...chinna suzhi koodava ...hehe...rombo than pongappa... :p
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Very pretty and neat kutty kolams Rani.
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Suguna Murugesan
Both are very beautiful rani :)
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Each in a different style. Very nicely done. The orange color line has enhanced the look of the cute little kolam. The one on the right is even cuter. The three petals pattern (one big one flanked by two small comma style petals) is very attractive.
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Lovely and wonderful different twins Rani dear... Lovely colors pa... :)
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Both are beautiful.I liked more the orange coloured one.
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