Happy Republic Day :)

Woooooooow Shiree Superb creation dear... National Bird, National Flower n National Flag. But our National Animal is Tiger... :p ;) (Look like a Lioness) If u added some more brown lines on sides of the Tiger's face it will be sooo real dear. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Lovely creation pa...
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:p i too felt the same..my kid woke up until then ,,n i missed it..:p :)But was glad to do it :)
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Suguna Murugesan
wow nice thematic kolam...all are beautiful :) happy republic day!
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Nicely thought and well made by you ....brought in all the elements :) Happy republic day :)
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Thank you gomathi mam, suggu mam, n vijaysowmya mam..:)
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Wow....awesome apt creation shireesha...looks so nice :)
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Shiree you have done a fantastic free hand design for Republic day ! With a small kid you have managed to draw a cute rangoli. Well done. ( Instead of circle around the flag you can try India map also ! ;)
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Thank you so much Mam for enjoying my kolam..Yes Mam..nice idea of drawing India map..but it needs little practise..so quit that idea..shall surely try next time..:)
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wow,fantastic free hand design.very nice idea too.
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Very beautiful creation , national flower, bird and animal. very good.
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