Dotted Kolam

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This is my Invention :)... The Dot Count would be 3-5-7-7-7-5-3(straight dots). Hope You all like it!

Rangoli: Dotted Kolam


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super keep scoring in coloring and the borders....great to go Smile

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Pretty hair-bands border Purni! I like how the tendrils shoot out a blue leaf.

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very nice colour and beautiful

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Purnima ,very very nice i like the borders ...beautiful colour match.

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Oh Simple and elegant. The border looks like small necklaces.
very nice creation

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Purni your kutti kolam and the borders are matching and compliment each other.With only 2 colors u r bringing so much beauty!

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Your magic touch is working wonders on your floor Purni - this is so so cute, I can't tell you enough...

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good ,pretty & cute invention Purni!

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cute.. those borders r gr8... looks like they hve becum ur trademark...

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Purniji I have become a fan of yours... your small cute kolams and artistic borders are par excellence ... I love your kolams especially the borders... keep it up

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very nice and the borders are really excellent, i think you are expert in making cute borders always!

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Wow very pretty kolam. Eye catching

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kutti kuttiyay pottu vaithai
yengal nenjangalai thottu vittai
kolangal kaladi pattu kalaiyamal
thanneer kotti azhiyamal
photo yedhuthu katti vittai

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Baley baley Subashini - superb poetry Smile

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Subashini, Purni kolam pole ongal Kavidhai cute and very nice.

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Your borders are like a starter and dessert to a feast!

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Thank You so much everyone....... Nice to see such a long chain of applause .... Am really very Sorry that I couldnt reply earlier....
Thank You Anirudhji, The pleasure is all mine.....
Lataji, Heartful of Thanks to You, without whom this wouldnt be possible at all.....
Thank You, Lakshmiji.....
Lakshmiji, Trust me all the credit goes to People like You, who inspire beginners like us to bring out the best in us.....
Viji Ma'am, its so sweet of You..... Couldnt express my gratitude in words....
Rajamma Ma'am, Thanks a lot for being such an Inspiration.......
Judy Ma'am, Trust me, the words you have chosen are more than just a compliment to me..... thanks a ton....
Thanks a lot for your sweet words, Asha Ma'am......
Thank You Indhuji, for giving so much of Your Precious Time to my work.....
Pushpa Ma'am, Thank You so much for your Lovely comment.......
The pleasure is all mine, Nithya Ma'am....... just enjoy the way I do it..... Smile
Thank You, Rajusree ma'am.....
No words to express my Gratitude to You, Subashini Ma'am...... Would find out more ways like this to bring out Your Poems, hereon... Smile
Thank You So much, Jaya Ma'am..... Hope You enjoyed the Feast... Smile

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its simple and cute ..