Fusion Kolam

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This is a fusion kolam consisting of chiku kolam and flowers... It consists of 17 to 17 dots.

Rangoli: Fusion Kolam


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Are these laddoos, Pushpaji? Sorry, I know they are flowers. You see, its 3pm and I still haven't had my lunch yet, so everything looks edible to me now. Smile

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No wonder lata,
The centre portoion is seems like lattu only.

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Nice fusion Pushpa... Hmm, so why not give us a ladoo rangoli next?

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Judy, here is a laddoo dotted kolam from my works:

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Ha! ha! take it as you wish lataji a feast for the eyes or the tongue.. as long as you like it

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nice fution kolam pushpaji.Lata that link is not opening...

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Nice fusion. Flower should have been in some other color.So u can make one more real Laddu kolam for those longing for it.