Festival kolam

Padma Prakash
Nice design in chikku style, Padma. You're one of the rare friends who shares Gowri Ganesha festival. Thanks so much! :star: :) I also loved your flowers rangolis as well, sorry for not finding the time to comment earlier.
Sun, 09/23/2012 - 08:27 Permalink
Wow...nice chikku kolam with kavi padma...looks so neat and beautiful :)
Sun, 09/23/2012 - 19:35 Permalink
Lovely Padma... does not look like it was done in a hurry at all, it looks just perfect.
Sun, 09/23/2012 - 23:57 Permalink
Wow..Very nice chikku kolam with kavi. Lookd neat and beautiful. :star:
Mon, 09/24/2012 - 00:51 Permalink
Padma Prakash
Thank you Lata, for your sweet words (Amruta Dhare) after a long time. , Thank you Suguna, laksh, RAni, Pushpa and Sowmi for your nice comments.
Tue, 09/25/2012 - 01:38 Permalink
Despite the busy schedule you have brought out a fairly big kolam befitting the festival. Nice traditional kolam. :)
Tue, 09/25/2012 - 01:56 Permalink
Padma, nice chikku kolam with the lotus flower blooming on all the four sides from the stem!. Little kaavi adding the beauty.Where is your Ganesha kolam?
Tue, 09/25/2012 - 08:29 Permalink
Padma Prakash
Thank you Pragnya and Rajamma. Ya ya I will be uploading that, its still in my cam. Not finding time. I have uploaded ganesha kolam of our office.
Fri, 09/28/2012 - 01:28 Permalink