Sikku kolam

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This sikku kolam was drawn in front of my house. I got inspired by one of Sowmi's padi kolam and implemented here in my kolam in the outer design. your views please......

Rangoli: Sikku kolam


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Cute chikku kolam and the dotted padi design outside is adding beauty to that. So Padma in full enthu now? Good Smile

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awesome chikku kolam padma Dirol

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Lovely well known sikku kolam with an awesome novel border padma Smile

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Nice chikku kolam with cute border padma

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Thank you Ms.Rajam (yes finding some time hence updating chotoo chotoo kolams), RAni,Suguna and Aarchi for your lovely comments.

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Wow...Well made chikku design with beautiful outer decorations Padma. Your kavi always make your kolam look bright. :star: :star:

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nice to see u back in full form,, nice kolam with good outer design,,,

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Thank you Sowmi and Uma.

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wow!!looks very beautiful... Smile

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Padma dear, this chikku kolam looks all the more beautiful with your outer decorations and kaavi... beautifully done dear.

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this kolam looks beautifulwith your excellent outer decoration.