Puzzle kolam.... solved

rajamma_2 Tue, 05/29/2012 - 04:42

Looks very nice with the shadings, thanks so much for making this exercise an interesting one. Such an artistic way of presenting your answer! :D
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Congrats rajamma mam...i have never been so busy in any summer hols than this yr....so sorry rajamma mam for not being able to take part in this interesting puzzle :( may be next time i will definetely give a try :)
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Congrats on being selected as the ROD. A well designed puzzle kolam mam. I got it solved yesterday itself immediately after seeing your basic design. :( :( But didn't upload as it was only a graphical version. Actually wanted to try on floor and upload. Pls let me know whether I can still upload my rough version. Many thanks for making me do some work :) :)
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Rajamma amma, Congrats for the ROD. Never thought that the end result would look like this. Superb presentation.
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Thank you all for showing interest on this puzzlekolam. Since it was almost a month since I gave the puzzle with conditions and there was no trials except Anirudh's, inspite of giving clues at various intervels, I thought of giving the answer myself.Maha, Sowmya, Rani, You all had ample time since ikolam had big holidays inbetween,you all could have tried. I myself not sure whether my answer is the correct one!. The paper from an old magazine (1983) I got this puzzle. I did not have the magazine with the answer to that.One Mr. Saavi Thambiraasu, a kolam genius, who used to conduct classes on kolam subject and do kolam demonsrtations in Ladies clubs ( in early eighties) used to give such puzzles in the magazine ( Manghai).The response was very good and more than 100 kolam lovers will send correct answer, and the lucky 10 will get the prize money. When I saw Suba madams answer, matching with mine , I was thrilled. So after the PC version and paper version who is going to upload the Floor version. Finally a BIG thanks for Lata/Admn for beating it with "ROD" By the way, look at a similar work from Suguna, which all of you enjoyed recently. http://www.ikolam.com/node/27143
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Rani, I know you are busy with the Sadhabishegam of your MIL.My regards to your Inlaws.Let me when you become fee, I'll give the one more puzzle. Sowmya, my base design had some pencil drawing . Did you see that.Pl. upload your floor version, eager to see that. ;)
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Ahaa Rajammma maam congrats on ROD... Believe me I tried and tried and tried so many patterns but my understanding was the dots need to be placed in a straight line, so I was trying different patterns in that way... hmm now I will try to put this on floor if possible
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Rajamma mam I have uploaded my floor version of your puzzle kolam. Just a plain and simple one. Waiting for it to get published and also your views on that. :bigsmile:
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:star: :star: :star: indeed a very challenging puzzle... i kept on telling think-out-of-the-box, but did not do it perfect, the main clue non-equidistant and usage of extra four dots in center got missed ( t-o-o-t-b allows you to add additional dots/lines :) ). But i was confused a little as the last clue says when 9units joined we get different designs in the open four boxes, but i am seeing all same. Maybe thats one trick to think as when all four sides looks similar that cannot happen :-) I will share my versions shortly. Yes have enjoyed a lot in trying to slove this, definitely looking forward for more ...ye dil maange more!!! :bigsmile:
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Anirudh, I am happy that you showed interest in solving the puzzle. Yes, may be the clues are misleading. I just gave additional clues which are not given in the magazine. and finally I gave the basic line design also. In my clue I said if you join 9 such designs then you will get a different design (not designs) 4 in numbers in the gap!.Yes, when we combine similar patterns in a systamatic way we get in the gaps similar designs. So be ready for the next puzzle, which will be very easy.
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