Mother's day rangoli

chandhini.selvaraj Sat, 05/12/2012 - 19:29

Wow Ammu, what a pretty multicolored kolam for your sweet mom... you are indeed fortunate to have a fun-loving and enthusiastic mother who loves you so very dearly. Even though I have never met her, I do know how much she loves you just by the talk we both have on phone. You both are blessed dear. I am sure your mom must have been thrilled to see this wonderful kolam and message. :)
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thank you aunty :) :) i remember saying to mom that just to receive such encouraging comments from all dear aunties i'm going to submit my creation :) :) thank you so much aunty...
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Thank u push...eventhough ammu is at home but as she is having her semester exams...she said she would thank u personally tomorrow....thanks a lot dear for ur filter coffee comment :)
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Lovely kolam ammu dear...thanks a ton for ur awesome gift....hmmm i can'tstop laughing how u r suffering from ur leg-sprain after finishing this kolam...haha...thats why i often keep atleast one kolam per day.....hehe :p
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Excellent multi colour neli kolam presented to Rani mam! Awesome and fabulous. Hope you had a great time with Ammu with her wonderful gift. :star:
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Wow Chandini!!!Excellently executed chikku kolam with multi colours. :love: A very beautiful gift for your mother. :star: :star: :star: Her favourite chikku kolam. ;) Could imagine how happy she would have felt. :) :)
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Dr.Rekha Shetty

indeed a lovely gift to rani by her darling dear .chandni congrats dear how you managed to put such a big dotted kolam?.... Indeed daughters are really very sweet .though we had guest at my place that day i don't know how my daughters managed to bring cake and gave me surprise party
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Chandini, You have presented a lovely chikku kolam , her favourite, on this Mother's day. mmmm.... very nice multicolored chikku kolam... Veettukkulleye Ammaavukku pottiyaa? ;)
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thank you aunty :) i got inspired by all her colourful sikku tried this...actually me and mom had bet in doing this kolam...she asked me to select someother as it is difficult to do :)
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Thank you anna...yes sure she was so happy as i had practised only once and then never referred her kolam note even when i had some and then....just recalled from my memory and did was so happy about that :)
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Annaiyar dhinaththu azhagu kolam arumai magal potta kolam vannangal niraindha kolam un ennangal kaattum kolam nandru nandru undhan kolam mannikkavum naan andru paarkkavillai indhak kolam.
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