Dotted kolam

manivasuki62 Mon, 03/19/2012 - 02:22

congrats mani :party: excellent rangoli and lovely strokes/colour match...beautiful extensions... i like that feather design...keep it up..waiting to see more from you...
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Hi Manivasuki! I admired this kolam a lot while publishing it, and was wondering how you would've made it. I also considered asking you for the base design, since this could be a nice beginners design to try, for any one who is trying out in this field of art. But, unfortunately I can't take credit for this being filed under ROD, since that job was done by Lakshmiraghu. :bigsmile:
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Wow so very artistically done kolam and such a beautiful one with lovely decorations/extensions... congrats dear, a well deserved ROD title for you.
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congrats Mani. The design is awesome.Coloring is done tastefully.'Chinna chinna kolam, siragadikkum kolam' endru paadalaamaa? ;)
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