Terrece kolam

rajamma_2 Wed, 03/07/2012 - 05:41

You have spent your time usefully by giving some work to your brain. Rangoli and its background both are good... Keep it up.... :)
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Wow Rajamma maam, such a beautiful freehand pattern. The plain white wet maavu on the mud colored floor looks very very pretty. So glad the kolam made your mood better.
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Excellent maakolam on a beautiful surface Rajamma mam...How beautiful your strokes look ..just perfect. Thanks for such a visual treat. :)
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verumaiyana irovondril potta kolam veLLai niraththil amaindha kolam porumaiyaaga neengal potta kolam -ungal perumaiyai kaattum kolam rasanaiyaaga neengal potta kolaththai rasiththidavay naangal undu ingay nandru nandru miga nandru miga miga nandru.
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excellent strokes and makeup..yes rajammaji..kolam drawing is a good medicine to mind and body.... :bigsmile:
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Thank you all for your lovely comments.( where is Rani? On leave?) Nice to know that you all agree that putting kolam gives energy to body and mind! Suba, your kavidhai miga miga nandru!
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what u have done is the real dhyana.when u r in disstress,if u involve ur self in drawing or what ever field u r interested thenit is the real dhyana.u will feel much relaxed after that.ur kolam is really perfect and kangalukku virundhu
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neatly done with pretty intricates...ya, true,,,at times kolams help us to breathe out better,,,, :) :)
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