Maakolam with Pookolam

Submitted by dibbutn on Sat, 02/25/2012 - 23:32
This is a maakolam with dot count 9 to 5 with 2-1 dots on all 6 sides. Hope you like it.

Wow...push dear...this looks a lot like a stained glass painting ....such superb strokes and look at d a pretty border which lifts ur wonderful creation.. :bigsmile:
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Padma Prakash

Stunning beauty pushpa. The drawing, the strokes and the colouring excellent with very pretty border. You would have shown a part of the drawing. By the bye where did you get such a huge space coz you will be always saying no space to draw huge kolams. Excellent with 7 stars. All the best.
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Padma dear, this was done in my bedroom pa :) I worked on this kolam for so long and took the photo and removed it after showing my hubby... The other chikku kolam I did in my mom's house, on the terrace... just for the sake of putting a bigger kolam I put that in the terrace and this one in the bedroom. :D :D
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Pushpa, don't tell me it is a maakolam. I donot beleive it. The dot count poto looks like stars in the black sky and the rangoli looks like a glass painting( as everybody commented). Really a fantastic work. The minute details in coloring the flowers with shading and line outlines give a very rich look to the kolam. Ofcourse the cute border gives it a grand look. well done :)
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What a maa-kolam! I couldn't tell to begin with that this was a maakolam. Colors are splendid, and so is the design! Impressive indeed! Thanks so much for participating in the kolam contest. :)
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Excellent pushpa. As it was rightly said, It is really very hard to believe to that this is a maakolam. Beautiful coluring dear.
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