Margazhi Day-23

Wow...What an extraordinary kolam this is from you Rani....that blue colour steals the show ...simply doubt this kolam deserves the ROD title...congratulations...hmmm just wondering how beautiful your contest kolam will be :~ ..... :bigsmile:
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Thank u lata/laksh for choosing this kolam as ROD....remembering how i spent more than 1hr for that blue shading alone.... :)
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Rani, this is THE kolam of Margazhi so deserves the "ROD" title. It speaks volumes of your patience and perfection. Right from keeeping the dots to the finish everything is very neatly done. Did u put the color after completing the kolam, how could the hands reach the centre? Blue coloring portion itself is looking like a novel design.If the outer hanging deepam/flame like drop also colored it would have been more beautiful. :bigsmile:
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Oh yes rajamma too thought of colouring d hanging deepam like portions..but wanted to click it before d bright early morning sun rays(already it was 8am eventhough started at 6.15)...also after so much of tip toe-ing in d middle part of d kolam my feet was not ready for even more colouring ...haha...thanks again for ur encouraging comment. :)
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congrats rani...wonderful creation...big and shade gives rich look to this..keep it up :party: :party:
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so beautiful and a pleasant treat to watch 0:) 0:)
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Padma Prakash
Wonderful and very neat creation. Congrats foor the title. :star: :star:
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:p ippadi paarkadhan mudiyum yennal.very very beautiful rani.congrats. :bigsmile: :love:
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Rani, you deserve so many RODs for your margazhi kolams! Hats off!
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Wow!!!! Beautiful blue and white sikku kolam Rani.... Congrats for the title ROD... you deserve it.....
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Mam superb sikku kolam mam :) congrats for ROD title mam :)
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Thanks a lot rajamma mam, laksh, ankubala, padma, suba, jaya mam, jasree and seetha for ur lovely comments... :)
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Superb! iduppu poyerukkum colour panna!
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Awesome rani, so beautiful coloring is fantastic. hats off to you Rani
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Ranima loved this pretty beauty in blue. I really admire how you do such big kolams dear. I tried one for the competition and my whole body was aching. Hats off to you and congrats on ROD dear :)
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