kumil kolam

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this is a kolam made up of kumil with kolam powders...and better u can make cross stitch design for easy filling of designs....

Rangoli: kumil kolam


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Mr.Mahesh, your rose is elegant! This is one technique that we wish someone would demonstrate. Smile

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Its amazing, Maheshji..... Looks like a Computer designed Rose.... or is it a Cross-stitch Mat woven so elegantly.... you have kept us wondering.... obviously cant shift it to our place, so Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.....

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Lata, my son told me that his classmates do this type of ranglois fast for any special occasion in their college! They draw squares with chalk-piece, mark the color for the squares and keep filling them with hand releasing the powder thro' the whole within little finger! Even you can use a cone also to do this!Anyway, Iam yet to try as Iam ever lazy!

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Jayaji and Vani, thank you for the explanation, I would try a tiny design later on, as I'm running low on kolam powder. Smile

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beautiful rose... i really love it

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WOW!! excelent...Thanks for sharing it with us

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One of my embroidery kolam I tried this method on a tile. But it takes so much time.
This rose looks nice.... an embroidery on the floor!

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I wish I could see a live demonstration of this KUMIL KOLAM.Excellent work keep it up.I have a siimilar design of the rose flower done with cross stitch done on a matty cloth. I will post the picture soon

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Superb Uma Mahesh!! Thanks Jaya and Vani - now I seem to understand how this is made Smile Lovely piece of art work...

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Simply superb design ......nice colouring...