Dotted kolam

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Dotted kolam drawn for "Hanuma Jayanthi" (Hanuman's Birthday) in front of my house yesterday. your views pls...

7-4 Dotted
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Rangoli: Dotted kolam


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wow very pretty padma Smile

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padma can you help me out with the dot count for this kolam and step by step details to draw them. I like this kolam its really a good one.

Srividya Kumar

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very beautiful kolam padma.

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Sorry, srividya, I had not checked this comment. The dot count is 7-4 intermediate then put 3-2-1 on all the 6 sides.
1. draw the center design first.
2. then the outer Hexagonal design.
3. Draw the star shaped design which starts from one point and ends at the same.
4. At the end you draw that three triangle shaped design on all 6 sides.
5. The outermost design is the final which is a freehand design.

Thank you Suguna and Suba.