Chikku Kolam - Karthigai deepam

welcome back vasanthi,, congrats on getting d title,,this looks divine and excellent,,, very beautiful set up
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Suguna Murugesan
wow welcome back very grand karthigai deepam kolam :)
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very beautiful vasanthi.How are you? we missed you very much.congrats for your kolam being selected as the rangoli of the day.
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Hiiii...vasanthi...hope u r fine dear...missed u a happy to see ur submission again...awesome maakolam pa...hope u won't disappoint us by vanishing again...congrats on d ROD title too... :)
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Hi welcome back Vasanthi...Hope you are doing fine ... missed you and your beautiful kolams..Superb kolam for karthigai and very nice decoration with lamps... :) Congrats for the Rangoli of the day.
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Padma Prakash
Welcome back Vasanthi. Two days back I was just thinking myself, where this vasanthi has gone? no updates these days and suddenly you appeared with abeautiful and divine sikku kolam. Thanks for sharing. :)
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welcome back very grand karthika deepam kolam
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Hiya Vasanthi vandachi... hi dear, how are you... missed you and your kolams... this karthigai kolam looks so beautiful with lamps... hoping to see you participate more often here dear :D
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Hi Vasanthi, welcome back dear. Hw r u doing? This kolam looks so beautiful. Hope it is made up with chalk. Wonderful set up and congrats for being tagged with "Rangoli of the day".
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Radhikha 3
nice one congrats for being selected as rangoli of the day :)
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hai vasanth how are youda? after a long gap you entered again with ROD. aarambame attahasamairruku,congrats and awaiting for your margazhi treat. :star: :star: :star: :star: :love: :love: :love: :love:
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So nive and divine. Nice festive look. viji
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:O I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES... Thank you soooooooo much lata mam for selecting my very very small kolam as the Rangoli of the Day... THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL OF YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS...Could not control my tears when I see all of your comments... I owe your friendship dears... Frankly speaking since I am in HR Department I could not just log in unofficial websites.. second my home computer also very new one, hard disk crashed due to some virus...yet to repair... I try to log in ..... in the lunch my office. I LOVE YOU ALL FRIENDS...Thanks again for all of your love and affection...
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Congrats. Great work. Good presentation. All the best. Madurai Ravi
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