Octagonal magic

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About Octagonal magic : PRINT

Left top - Take an octagon
Left middle - Cut one of the sides, say the bottom
Left bottom - Make the pattern at the bottom by rotating the cut octagon by 135 deg eight times.
Right - Four of the "octagonal hRidayakamalams" are joined to get this pattern, further decorated with lamps and a flower. If you try to join four hRidayakamalams this is how the pattern will look like.

Enjoy! Regards - mOhana

Rangoli: Octagonal magic


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looks interesting, let me try it out

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Uma...tell me when u r gonna try...we shall upload on d same day...:)

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lovely design sir.

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lovely design sir.

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OMG...what a beautiful pattern jkm sir...thanks a tonne for all of ur efforts in giving us such pretty designs....:)

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Super design.

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Wonderful pattern JKM sir.

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Vow.....Very nice pattern sir!

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Jkm sir....I tried this pattern but found it very difficult as a freehand one...even I tried to make it on a graph... is it possible for you to convert this with a dot grid..:)...please take you own time if you can do this with dots.